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the moon

How the moon cycles offer simple magic for everyday life

Following the moon cycles isn’t mean to be a complicated thing, I believe. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate ritual that only pagans, witches, priestesses, and/or other new age types can lead. And it isn’t meant to be some kind of separate spiritual…

23 Feb 2020
the moon

2020’s First New Moon calls forth our soul’s gifts

this year’s first new moon phase is like when you’ve let out a long, deep breath. it’s that empty, quiet pause of silence + nothingness. but it’s not nothing. it’s actually the preparation for something new. it is a moment of resetting so that…

26 Jan 2020
the moon

A new age arrives with 2020’s first full moon

welcome to not only a new year, but to a new age, my friends. and the first full moon of 2020 is ushering it all in with epic power + inspiration. right now, this lunar moment, is a turning point. a portal into what…

11 Jan 2020
the moon

Something new is born under November’s dark new moon

November’s dark new moon is the perfect time to plant seeds. To dream dreams. To let the darkest days of the year do their magic. Since the last new moon just before Halloween + Samhain, I have been thrust into that magic in the…

25 Nov 2019
the moon

Moon bathing under the full harvest moon

Happy Harvest Moon, lovelies. It’s officially time to shift seasons now. And, I just had to get outside under the full moon last night + bathe in her light as I welcome in the coziest, deepest, most spiritual of seasons (in my humble little…

14 Sep 2019
the moon

An active intention for the New Moon in Taurus. Really?

Lately my intention for each new moon has been super powerful. They have been building on each other in the most amazing ways. From March’s becoming (knowing + embracing who I am) to April’s rising (to a rebirth + a new path), I have…

5 May 2019
monthly medicine the moon

Week two: Our first steps on the dark path

Alright, wild wanderers. It’s happening. We’re sinking into October. We’re entering the second week of the month + the second week of my little challenge/journey into the dark. And it’s now time to take our first steps on the dark path. With this week,…

10 Oct 2018