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monthly medicine

monthly medicine

Looking for love in February

I was spot on last week when I said this in a blog post on closing out January: Blessings as you settle into the new year, sweet soul. Little did I know how right I would be. February just might really be the beginning…

8 Feb 2020
monthly medicine

Monthly Medicine: December is Fire + Balance

It is an incredibly cozy first day of December in my home. There’s a mix of rain + snow out my window, I’ve got my epic xmas playlist on, candles are lit, the tree is decorated, and I’m enjoying a never ending pot of…

1 Dec 2018
monthly medicine the moon

Week two: Our first steps on the dark path

Alright, wild wanderers. It’s happening. We’re sinking into October. We’re entering the second week of the month + the second week of my little challenge/journey into the dark. And it’s now time to take our first steps on the dark path. With this week,…

10 Oct 2018
monthly medicine

Week one: Pausing as we begin darkest season

Think of this week as one, long, deep breath. A much-needed pause just before setting off + settling in. Like standing in a field, on the edge of a dark forest, preparing to take off on an unknown, but much anticipated, journey into the…

5 Oct 2018
be monthly medicine

October + the dark journey home

I had a dream in the dark, early morning hours of Saturday that a deer laid her head on my left shoulder. I don’t recall my surroundings, whether I was in the woods or in a field, I just distinctly remember that a deer approached me…

2 Oct 2018