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How nature’s call to rest heals my body + my soul

“rest”. i heard my body say. “rest.” and so i did. suffering from a  late summer cold, i am home from work today. i never stay home from work. like never. but, then again, i’m actually not sick that often. (knock on wood). monday…

28 Aug 2019

Mondays are for sharing random thoughts

The long summer nights have officially returned + that means Mondays are the perfect time to share some random thoughts. My energy always lasts a bit longer – way into the evening, even after work – once May rolls around. And my chilled out…

13 May 2019

How I envision my life will be + why it matters

There is this crazy balance, I think, to be found in living in the present + casting a vision for the future. I mean, I am 100% believer in focusing on here + now. And, I seek to create a life that is slow,…

14 Mar 2018
life meditation

the week that i focused on my soul // 50

In the end of November, with the beginning of the season of Advent, I re-invented my morning meditation time. Knowing that the darkness creeps in and takes over from November through December, I decided to take advantage of the coziness and really let myself…

19 Dec 2016

how i became a photographer

it’s all thanks to my dad. you see, as a child, i grew up with my dad documenting everything. and i mean ev-ery-thing. we had photos and videos (the silent, colored ones, of course. because, yes, i am that old.) of every single occasion,…

20 Oct 2016
create + inspire life sacred home

so this happened

i am not ashamed at all that i have spent the better part of my weekend so far in bed and in my pjs… because i have been so productive it’s crazy. and i didn’t even plan any of it. i just woke up on…

29 May 2016